2016 and YOU: What You Need to Know to Survive the Apocalypse Literary or Otherwise

Wait.  It’s been 2016 for a second now. And this all sounds a little sensational.

You know, I’m little late to the start of the New Year. And you’re right. What is this nonsense? 2015 had it’s ups and down, it’s sad puppies, rabid puppies, and rational folks who celebrate diversity instead of fear, but 2016 looks great. After we clean up the mess these puppies left on the rug, 2016 looks and smells a whole lot better without this business stinking up my favorite genre.

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I Came Down From the Mountain: Reflecting on First Drafts

It’s done!

Not quite.

I have come down from the top of Prose Mountain, if briefly, for a few supplies, a little rest, and a quick report. It was a steep, treacherous climb. No amount of forewarning can prepare you for the sprawling, untrimmed metaphors that grow into thick tangles of nonsense. Up there you'll find characters who resemble people, but the hollowness in their eyes will give them away.

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Myth and Fantasy: Part I

Exploring the unique strengths of the Fantasy genre in games and literature. How does Fantasy differ from other forms?

I’ve mostly recovered from the best four days in gaming (thank you GenCon!)  but I can’t stop thinking about all things related to swords, magic, giant robots, and/or dystopic futures. Once again GenCon proved to me how exhausting and exhilarating geeking out can be. When I wasn’t shouting myself hoarse at the Harebrained Schemes booth, I had the chance to reconnect with some amazing people and meet both new fans and diehard backers of Golem Arcana.

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The Writer’s Aphrodisiac: Reading, Loving, and Climax

Finding a book you enjoy, that you admire for any reason, be it for character, footnotes, or sexy vampires, is the surest way to turn on your brain and dare I say enhance your diction? Prolong your –never mind.

First off I want to let everyone know that I’ve revamped this here website and it’s looking fantastic. Take a look! I’ll admit it’s been a while since the last post. Part of the neglect has been in no small part due to the fun I was having working on the latest Golem story and a few other major developments that I’ll detail.

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On Staring Off Into Space

Full disclosure, everything I've ever written was born from distracting thoughts that emerged from boredom, so I may be a little biased. On the other hand, every other distraction seems to tear me away from writing and override all the creativity sloshing around my brain space. So, how do these two opposing views of distraction fit together?

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