Like History with More Magic and Less Murder - Part 2

Moondew Watch is the military outpost that protects Eternity's Gate. This is the link between Schectenberg and Amaurea, where the wild jungle meets the steam and smoke of industry. It's a frontier town, not unlike many we've seen in history --minus all the monsters. The Wild West has been portrayed in just about every form of media, so how does Moondew Watch differ?

Like History with More Magic and Less Murder

When I started the sections on Amaranth, the main city in the Nivenilyan Territoires, and Moondew Watch, the sole human encampment in Amaurea, the history of Seattle stood out as an obvious reference point. In part I wanted to learn more about the city that I had moved to six months ago, but also I wanted to capture my personal history. Moving to Seattle felt like entering an alien world at times, the shift in culture, architecture, and values brought up feelings of isolation and confusion. These turned out to the be the perfect building blocks for creating an advanced elven city where the walkways shift and the spiralling seashell towers rise over a glowing sea. 

I Came Down From the Mountain: Reflecting on First Drafts

I have come down from the top of Prose Mountain, if briefly, for a few supplies, a little rest, and a quick report. It was a steep, treacherous climb. No amount of foreshadowing can prepare you for the sprawling, untrimmed metaphors that grow into thick tangles of nonsense. Up there you'll find characters who resemble people, but the hollowness in their eyes will give them away

Myth and Fantasy

In many ways, the genres aren’t so different given that most Scifi these days isn’t “hard Scifi” the majority of it is unexplained, much like magic in Fantasy. I admit this isn’t entirely accurate, while Scifi has shifted away from explaining all the technological quirks of our future in realistic details, while fantasy has actually become more transparent with magic. Notably, one of the Fantasy’s biggest names, Brandon Sanderson has boiled down his magic to systems that more closely resemble science than mysticism.

On Staring Off Into Space

Full disclosure, everything I've ever written was born from distracting thoughts that emerged from boredom, so I may be a little biased. On the other hand, every other distraction seems to tear me away from writing and override all the creativity sloshing around my brain space. So, how do these two opposing views of distraction fit together?