The Memorial Wall

Event - Battletech: Urban Warfare

In BATTLETECH, Events occur between battles as players navigate across the galaxy. Events represent the day to day issues facing a commander of a mercenary company. They vary in tone and stakes, but every Event revolves around player choice and offer multiple outcomes.


(This event occurs when any MechWarrior becomes Honest and has reached a certain threshold of XP.)



Late in the evening, Dekker ducks into your quarters. Dark circles rim his bloodshot eyes. "Hey, Commander… I, uh, know you're busy, but I don't know where to turn."


"What's wrong, MechWarrior?"


Dekker's voice trembles. "I haven't slept for days. I keep thinking why me? Why am I alive? I've seen ejections fail, ammo explosions, and impossible headshots. Rookies, veterans, it doesn't matter. How long until my picture is added to the Memorial Wall?"

Option 1: Reassure Dekker.

Outcome 1.1

"We'll all end up on that wall one day, but it takes more than luck to make it as far as you have, MechWarrior." You rest a reassuring hand on Dekker's shoulder. "You're here because of your talent. Frankly, you've taken some hits that would have put me in early retirement."


Dekker stares at his boots. "But what if I slip?"


"Then we'll catch you. Every single member of this outfit has your back, on or off the battlefield. If you need to talk for an hour, or a night, or every night, I'm here for you."


"Thanks, Commander." A faint smile cracks Dekker's face. "I won't abuse this privilege. You have my word."


(Dekker becomes dependable. Dekker gains High Spirits for 30 days.)


Outcome 1.2

"In the end, we'll all end up on that wall, but you've got plenty of time. You're the best of the best, Dekker." You look him  straight in the eyes. "Plain and simple."


He sighs and shakes his head. "I've cleaned better MechWarriors than me out of cockpits, Commander. Meat is cheap."


"Keep thinking like that and you'll end up just like them."


"Some pep talk." Dekker slumps, resting his head back against the bulkhead and closing his eyes. "I guess I'll give sleep another shot."


(Dekker gains Low Spirits for 14 days.)

Option 2: Help Dekker forget his troubles.

Outcome 2.1

"It all comes down to luck in the end. I've lost friends to freak accidents and seen enemies walk away from hits that should've ground them into pulp." You pour two glasses of whiskey and slide one over to Dekker.


He sips his drink, but his focus is on you. "It doesn't seem fair."


"It's not, but I promise I'll do everything in my power to make sure you and every member of this outfit gets off the battlefield in one piece."


"This crew is all I've got." Dekker raises his drink. "If it weren't for all of you, I think I would have called it quits by now. Thanks for taking the time to talk, Commander."


(Dekker becomes dependable. Dekker gains High Spirits for 14 days.)


Outcome 2.2

"We'll all end up on that wall in the end, so here's a little advice. Loosen up a little. Enjoy the ride while you can." You pour two tall glasses of whiskey and slide one over to Dekker.


As you savor the fire in your throat and the lingering taste of smoke, Dekker gulps his liquor down. He pushes his glass toward you. "In that case, how about another?"


You oblige him and he drains another glass. After a couple more rounds, you dismiss Dekker for the night and he stumbles back to the barracks.


Later in the week, Darius reports that Dekker is in better spirits, but he's drinking heavily each day.


(Dekker becomes a drunk. Dekker gains High Spirits for 14 days.)

Option 3: Refer Dekker to the MedTechs.

Outcome 3.1

"There's no predicting when you'll end up on the Memorial Wall. Don't let it get to you." You pause, reflecting for a moment. "I've seen MechWarriors throw their lives away over these kind of doubts."


Dekker lowers his head. "I don't want to end up like that."


"You've still got time. Feel free to stop by my quarters any time, but you should really check in with the MedTechs. They can work wonders, whether you need counselling or a prescription or anything else."


Dekker looks into the distance thoughtfully and then nods his head. "I've trusted you with my life every time I've been on the battlefield. No reason to stop now. I'll see the MedTechs tomorrow, Commander."


(Dekker gains Dependable. MedTech decreases by 2 for 30 days.)


Outcome 3.2

"No one knows, MechWarrior. But there are resources for dealing with this anxiety. I've scheduled you for an appointment with the chief MedTech first thing tomorrow." You give an encouraging smile, but Dekker is unmoved. "There's no shame in asking for a little help."


"I know, Commander, but I'm asking you for help. Not the MedTechs."


"I am helping you by getting you proper treatment. This isn't a suggestion, MechWarrior. It's an order." Dekker utters a grunt in acknowledgment, but the conversation dwindles and ends shortly.


The next day, Darius reports in: "Dekker never showed up for his appointment. I hunted him down and he got in my face. I disciplined him, but I'll be watching him from now on."


(Dekker becomes rebellious. Dekker gains Low Spirits for 14 days.)